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    PDMWorks Enterprise Certification

    Margarida Fachada
      I would know when is the PDMWorks Enterprise certification andwhere is it?
      Margarida Fachada
        • PDMWorks Enterprise Certification
          Joy Garon
          Currently there are two forms of certification.
          1. VAR certification where the VAR must pass a written exam.
          2. SolidWorks Certified Service Partner where the partner must pass both written and hands-on tests. The Service Partners are qualified to provide implementation services to customers.

          Currently there are no certification programs for customers or end users.

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              Duncan Gillis



              Is there any certification programs available for customers or end users now?? You are able to gain a certification in almost everything else SolidWorks, but when it comes to Enterprise, you either have to be a VAR or a Service Partner. As an individual contractor, I can't complete the Partner tests as you have to have 2 people complete it (from what i've read/understood).


              Appreciate any thoughts or comments