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SW2014 License Server Install on Windows 8, and Client Install on same system

Question asked by Matt Carney on Feb 20, 2014
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(I am a cad user not an IT guy, but I am now acting as IT guy so that I can be CAD guy again...)

We now have a handful of network licenses.

I'm just trying to get SW installed on more than one computer right now.  We are not running a windows server, the rest of our licenses are administered through linux.


So. I installed the 2014 License Server onto my Windows 8.0 Enterprise Desktop cad station that is plugged into a router. I can have a static IP if necessary, for the time being it essentially is static. I then installed a client version of SW also onto the same desktop computer.  This seems to have overwritten the license manager administration capabilities. I installed 2014 SW client on a second laptop but was unable to find the server. 


So, on the desktop i am using as Server: I then uninstalled everything SW related from the original desktop computer. I rebooted.  I then re-installed only the license server. On this second install attempt no questions were asked about my licenses or the server i wanted to setup.  Nevertheless,  I updated my windows firewall to forward the the standard TCP port of 25734 for all connections, all programs (going broad here trying to get the thing to work). I rebooted.


On the client laptop (windows 8.1), I have included a couple different servers all with the 25734@SERVER_NAME.  The server_names i've included are: plain_name, full_name_plus_full_domain, IP address.  None of these are reachable.  I am able to ping the server and receive responses. when I ping the server, the server_name unpacks into the correct IP address as well. so there is a computer there.


I am not sure if this is necessary, but I have set the network workgroup the same for each computer.  I do not have control of the domain where we are operating.  I have also tried plugging a wire from the laptop into the same router the desktop/server is connect to since the wifi puts the laptop on an IP address that is different after the ### on the following address:  So now both systems are within the final ip listing


I also noticed the SW License manager did not seem to startup automatically, so I started it, and I can see it running as a service. I see the port is forwarding.


So...what do I need to do to get the client and teh server talking to eachother.?


Second question: Is it possible to also run a client install of SW on the same desktop as the Server, or do I need to put together a separate server computer so I can still use my cad station as, well, a cad station.


thanks for any help.