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I have this Sketch, I want to bring it into solidworks..

Question asked by Vinny Cas on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by J. Mather

Hey guys!


So im very very new to solidworks. Ive been working with it in a project I decided to take on. Problem is im more of a photoshop illustator designer and not so much a engineerer..

That being said here is my problem and Im hoping someone can take the time out of there day to help me out possibly..


So I am making car "rims" and or wheels. they piece of the wheel I am designing is the FACE. With that, i have came up with a amazing turbine style design that I would love to execute but Im not sure how to.. Cut on angles, not extrude completly through a object, how to extrdue on angles etc..


I was mor eor less hoping someone could maybe help me do it if I sent the File, I will attach my Template (what im making the designs in) and the Image i created in another program..


Heres what im trying to Make in solidworks..





And here is what my blanke solidworks template looks like. (i dont need the lip or the barrel of the wheel, just the dish/face part)


Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 6.00.36 PM.png


Not sure how to dray this Turbine object on the face, I know that the circular linar pattern is the easy part tho.