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    Unwanted toolbars appear on startup

    Max Crittenden

      These are toolbars that I never use, some that I don't even recognize. Two or three of them frequently appear at startup, usually floating undocked in my graphics area. It seems to be more common on restarting after a crash. Why? Admittedly it's not one of the greatest annoyances of Solidworks, but it does cost me time and painful mouse clicks to get rid of them.


      For that matter, why does Solidworks crash so often? (I had about 10 crashes yesterday afternoon, 3 already this morning.) But I guess that's another discussion.

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          John Burrill

          Oh, I sympathize.  I have yet to put the 2D to 3D toolbar to any constructive use, but no matter how often I hide it, it finds a way to pop up again.  Occasionally, I also have a joyous little adventure after a crash when, on reboot, it decides to switch my toolbars around so that sketch filters are across the bottom and features are running up the left hand margin and my shortcut menus which had previously been nice compact little rectangles with multiple rows of icons are reduced to single lines.  The drawing views and blocks toolbars will frequently turn themselves off and the dipslay state control likes to jump around.

          Toolbar problems have been a stock feature since SolidWorks 99 in my experience, so I've come to accept them as one of the UI's little eccentricities.  I imagine the party-line is to use the command manager, which I find tedius for accessing tolls I use frequently.

          Now, your SolidWorks crashes are another issue entirely.  Under normal circumstances, you shouldn't experience crashes very often, so make sure you get a thread started on that.