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    Hyperlink in a BOM table cell?

    Kim Jezak

      Is there a way to insert a hyperlink into a BOM table cell in Solidworks to link to a document within the ePDM vault?

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Kim


          A BOM table cell won't evaluate a hyperlink as a "hyperlink". I have tried to use a custom property in the SolidWorks datacard for files that end up in a BOM table but it doesn't get evaluated as a hyperlink. However it can be copied and pasted but at that point it would be much easier to use the Contains or Where Used tabs.


          I think I can guess what you are trying to accomplish. Take a look at the scrolling images on home page on my website and take note of the "Drawing Dashboard" and the "Drawing Status" and see if that's what you're after.


          If so, I can consult with your company to get it done rather inexpensively.


          Tim CEPA