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    Use material definitions from part files?

    Roy Dean

      I've got a rather large assembly that I'm trying to do thermal expansion analysis on, and it's basically 3 parts repeated many times.   I've got the material properties defined in the individual part files, but simulation keeps giving me an error that the bodies don't have materials (because I haven't defined the 30+ bodies WITHIN the study).


      Is there anyway to force simultion to use the material definition from the part files, rather than having to define them all in the simulation itself?

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          Jared Conway

          version and service pack that you're using?

          what happens if you create a brand new study? do the materials get assigned to all the bodies?

          what about shift/ctrl select as a workaround to reapply the materials?

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              Roy Dean

              2014 SP2


              Brand new study doesn't do anything.  Still requires me to define materials for each part.


              Really?  "Shift/ctrl" as a workaround?   That's not a workaround... that's how I would typically define the material properties within the study.   It may be acceptable if I were running a single study, but I am creating MANY diffent assemblies, and defining properties for 30+ parts in each one is just not acceptable.  (please don't interpret my frustration as directed at you, Jared... It's not.   It's frustration with the software).


              I am quickly learning why solidworks is so much cheaper than pro/e..... *sigh*

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                  Jared Conway

                  hi roy, just trying to get you moving while you sort out the issue


                  if the material is applied at the part level and all the bodies show materials in solidworks it should translate into a new study


                  the reason we checked a new study is that materials that you apply at the solidworks level won't instantly appear in existing studies, only new studies. so something certainly could be wrong here.


                  is this happening on other files or just this one? if you create a part (simple block), apply a material and then pattern (?) and then create a new study, does that assembly have the same problem?


                  if it is, add another and then another to match your problem. if you're seeing the asme problem, you've got a bug. report to your reseller. feel free to post here.


                  if it doesn't, start a new assy and drop your first part in and then follow the same process. see if you can find the origin and then report to your reseller.


                  the only other "Workaround" i can think of off the top of my head is just reapplying the material in solidworks. use something from the database and confirm that at the part level the material is applied in a study in the part. then drop in an assy and check it works there. and then go to the assy you're working on with a new study. that might "kick start" the material into showing up. the fact that it isn't applying to any means to me something might be up with the material or the part.