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Using "Convert Files" task is creating files with missing info

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Steven Soeder

Hello, I need help with figuring out whats broken with EPDM and making it work correctly.

I'm using the "Convert Files" task to create .PDF files from my .SLDDRW files.

This appeared to be working corerctly, until we noticed that some information was missing from the PDFs.

Typically I am losing the numbering in notes formatted with numbering.


In the example below, I created two seperate .PDF filess from the same .SLDDRW file.

The top image shows what I got by opening the document and using Save As.  As you can see, this worked just fine.
The bottom image is what I got from EPDM using the "Convert Files" task from the right click context menu.  What happended to the note numbers, why are they missing?


We have thousands of files that need to be converted to PDF. 

They are beign processed in batches of 10-100.

With such volumes, you can see why the Convert Files task would be desirable, as opposed to having to manually open each file, save it as a PDF, and close it.



140219_PDF Export.png