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    Weldment Bulk property change

    Toni Pintar

      I am working on updating a weldment database, this requires among other issues to unify the custom properties. The action I would like to do is delete unnecesarry ones, rename some and create new content in most.


      While these are ismple to do manually one by one, changing several tousand files is something unfair to give even to students


      So I am looking for a way to automate the process. Ideally some sort of link between all the files and an excel table would probably work best. Maybe a macro which could work with the scheduler, I wouldn't mind leaving the computer to do the work over the weekend. Any idea is welcome.


      I am experimenting with using Solidworks scheduler. This would require renaming of templates to parts and works nice only for creating new fields common to all the parts. Maybe someone knows of a better way of using this option.

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          Matt Martens

          I wrote a similar macro that I used for setting up the decription property in all the standard SW weldment profiles. There are two different methods that can be used. One reads the filename and determines the description (i.e. C4x5.4.sldlfp would have the description changed to "4 x 5.4# Channel"). The other reads the dimensions off of the sketch. At the end a .txt file will open and you can see everything that was changed.


          The macro will only work on a single folder at a time. The text string that determines the final output needs to be changed manually. The macro only determines what the sizes are. The macro also minimizes your screen after it starts and then maximizes when it it finished (a great feature for starting it and letting it run while you are doing other things). If you're interested, I could upload it for you.