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Concrete nonlinear elastic

Question asked by Mousa D on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Jared Conway



I have defined my own concrete material since surprisingly solidworks did not have concrete as a material. Then I have selected the linear elastic isotopic and defined my yield strength, young's modulus. After modelling my structure (Which is basically a simple two rectangles represtenting a flood wall. Base + wall ontop.)


My first main problem was, after successfully getting a stress/displacements results, I have noticed that even If I increased the pressure by x10  I'd still get same displacement and stress, after setting it as true value. 

Then again, going back to materials properties, when I change the yield strength from the previous 4.35N/mm2 I have set to 1N/mm2 .. still no changes at all.


Would anyone please provide me with some explanation on what I am doing wrong, or why?


Secondly, hopefully after I manage my first problem, I want to change my material properties into nonlinear elastic, which I have tried already with making my own stress/strain curve which looks similiar to the theortical concrete stress-strain curve. I noticed that after I try to run it, the material properties changes automatically back to linear elastic isotropic.


Would highly appreciate any further help/suggestions and explantion on what I am doing wrong.


Many thanks in advance