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Inserting a View (originally STL file) into drawing and it does NOT work??

Question asked by Ryan Hader on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by Ryan Hader

I am having trouble inserting a model view into a drawing with a particular file which was originally a *.STL file which has been converted to a Solidworks part file.

I can manipulate the part OK in Solidworks as a file - no surprises. And I cna even maniuplate the part within an Assembly as well again no surprises.


However When I go to try to insert the Assembly / OR the part into the drawing for an visual VIEW then it either does NOT show up at ALL ... or it shows up with the incorrect scale and incorrect facing view completely out of whack and out of orientated scale to the block where the image is SUPPOSED to show up...  see attached as an example of what happens.


I have not had this happen with other simialr STL files that I have converted for instance. Any thoughts??

Thanks in advance.