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So...Before SolidWorks Electrical - I used Visio...

Question asked by Nelson Ouzts on Feb 19, 2014
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...And now the approved method, is to save my Visio symbols back to *.dwg/*.dxf - so SolidWorks Electrical can import and use these symbols integrating with the SWE software.  I managed to do this just fine for the first few documents I imported (a valve, and an electrical control box) - now though I'm just trying to do what I was doing before...and I get the error message - 'Symbol corruption.  It cannot be inserted.'  So, I'm wondering if my method of importing is bad, or the files are 'actually' corrupt - which I'm having a difficult time working around.








SolidWorks Professional 2014 SP 1.0

SolidWorks Electrical 2014  SP 1.0