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    API to fetch Symbol Name/Text

    Aniket Kadu

      I am trying to find out the text associated with a symbol for a GTOL.

      For Eg :


      <IGTOL-FLAT>   --- > FLATNESS

      <IGTOL-PARA>  ---- > Parallel



      I am able to fect the symbol using swGtol.IGetFrameSymbols2, however i am unable to fetch the text associated with this symbol.

      Any help in this direction is greatly appreciated.

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          Josh Brady

          If you have an existing frame and you want to know what symbol is in it, use:




          If you just want a list of all of the symbols, search your SolidWorks install directory for the file "gtol.sym".  You can open it in any text editor.  It contains the names and definitions of all of the SolidWorks symbols.  You can even add your own!

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              Aniket Kadu

              Hi Josh,


              Using below code i get the symbol as "<IGTOL-FLAT>" that is in the particular frame.

              Now i want to show the Display value for this particular symbol i.e "Flatness".

              Any ideas on how to fetch this value ?


              Set selGtol = swSelMgr.GetSelectedObject6(1, 0)

              Debug.Print "GetTextCount = " & CStr(selGtol.GetTextCount)

              For idx = 0 To selGtol.GetTextCount - 1

                  Debug.Print "GetTextAtIndex(" + CStr(idx) + ") = " + selGtol.GetTextAtIndex(idx)

                   // I get the symbol as "<IGTOL-FLAT>"

              Next idx