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    Honeycomb CF Sandwich structure

    Caius Mihai Canea



      I need to use a honeycomb structure in a project, knowing that you can increase the thickness and with it all the propreties that come with it (stiffness being the most important i guess).


      My question is as follows:


           -do I make the plate in a single part with an accurate design of the honeycomb and top&botton CF plies ?

           -do I make a single surface pad and go from there ?


      I know that in order to simulate a composite material, you need to create a surface and then define it as shell. But when you select composite and the sandwich, what kind of core does it consider ? Foam, honeycomb ? The only thing you can control is the thickness, but the structure of the core plays a more important role.




      So, is this possible ? Can you accuratelly simulate it ?

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          Jared Conway

          hi, might be worth combing the last few weeks of posts because someone asked the same question.


          it all comes down to what you know about the layup. if you know the equivalent properties, just plug them into an orthotropic material shell analysis and go.


          if not, look at the composites module.


          everything here will be done with a single surface as a shell. if you want to get fancy, you could do some mixed meshing but i wouldn't recommend it for your first pass.