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How to change base configuration diameter in tube route

Question asked by Ken Lux on Feb 18, 2014
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I am asking this because of the complete lack of information that SW provides other than:


"Error; Route1; Routing fittings could not be created for some segments. Examine the properties of the connection point at the each ends of the segments, and specify the same properties for both points."


Here's the situation:


  1. The route was originally a mix of 1/4-in and 1/8-in tubes with a minimum bend radius of 1/2-in.
  2. Fittings are external to the routing assembly because most are welded or attached to other components (and every once in a while, the route will flip on its head and destroy the top-level assembly when a previously OK route -- rebuilt and saved! -- will suddenly show dozens of red and yellow errors and I attempt to fix the route).
  3. All of a sudden I started getting a dialog box saying there is an error with the route on every single rebuild. RMB->Whats Wrong? gave me the above useless message.
  4. For the life of me I could not find anything wrong. All fittings had route segments that pretty consistently rebuild - although some route segments randomly become unsolvable, but I think that was for 1/8-in route segments with bends less 1/2 in that are 1 in or less away from each other, and changing the bend radius for that route segment appeared to fix that (fingers crossed)
  5. Thinking that it had something to do with the multiple diameters in the route, I deleted the sketch segments for all of the 1/4-in tubes (there were only a few of these-but the 1/8-tubing is pretty complicated), so now all of the segments in my route are the same diameter (0.1250 x 0.0100), but I still get the error on rebuilding
  6. I went to RMB on the route assy in the feature tree and then clicked on Route Properties. Here I can only select a base configuration of tubes that have 2.5-in OD even though I went through the entire route and changed each segment to 1/8 in. I can verify this as all of the route parts created are "[Tube-125x010_xxx^Tube_3-AssemblyName]<1> -> (Tube .125in OD x .010 Wall< <Tube .125in OD x .010 Wall>_Display State 1>)TubeLength


I assume that since I must have created the route by RMB on a 0.25-in conncetion point and then clicked on start route that the route is somehow marked as a 1/4-in route and because all of the tubes are 1/8 in its freaking out (though it freaked out with segments of both diameters in the route). How do I change the base configuration to 1/8-in tube?


Before I go to my default routing routine of deleting the entire route and starting over (which I seem to have to do 4-5 times for every route), does anyone know how to fix this? There are no errors visible in the route (though since there is no way of zooming to unsolvable parts of the sketch, there may be a small segmenet somewhere causing problems) and all routing segments that are drawn become tubes. I could live with the error, but it is pretty annoying.


On a related note, is there a way to copy the 3D sketch from this route to a new route so I don't have to redraw and redimension my completed route?