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    Converting to igs

    Rod Thompson



      I've noticed lately that when I convert a part to an iges file, a particular surface gets split (see attached). This has happened on two completely different parts, but in the same location for the same surface. I have tried messing with the options when saving as an iges, but nothing changes. What is causing this and is there a fix?




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          Lenny Bucholz

          it is how the iges translator interpates the surfaces svaeing out and also on import. nothing on your end you can do as SW cannot flavor the translators for export or impot, sorry.


          have you tried other for formats? parasolid, step?


          is the a planer surface or does it hav some sort of shape?


          without the original model hard to say.

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              Rod Thompson

              It is not a planar surface. I need this in order to import into CMM software. I did try step and parasolid and that eliminated the split. However, I lost a 3D sketch in the model when using those other formats which I need for CMM purposes. It also appears that only iges file can be imported into my CMM software unless I pay for other formats. Oh well, it's really just a cosmetic thing as far as I can tell.


              Thanks for your response!