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Drawing Slots Using Holes In Another Part As Reference

Question asked by Darren Queen on Feb 18, 2014
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Perhaps I simply don't know the correct terminology to do a successful search but I couldn't find this exact question.


I have a sheet metal part, shown in green, that has a hole pattern in it for rivnuts. I mate that part to the second part of the assembly, shown in blue, and position it where it needs to be on the panel. What I am trying to do from here is create slots that correspond to the rivnut hole pattern. I am able use the hole as the centerpoint for my slot, even though it throws the error "Cannot use selection. Allowing this selection would create conflicting contexts.". The problem is that, even though the slot is positioned correctly, it isnt actually constrained. It wont move with changes in the hole pattern or stay put when editing the size of the slot.


Any ideas? Thanks!