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    Get the value for Angular Dimension

    Aniket Kadu

      I am trying to fetch the value of angular dimension Eg:  1.5 x 45 ( see attached image ) and display it to user in a Form.

      What is the approach that i should use to get this exact value ?

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          Aniket Kadu

          Anyone looking for getting the values of chamfer Dimension. Here is code.

          Fetch the Values of Chamfer Dimension.


                          double length=0;

                          double angle=0;               

                          bool retval = swDim.GetSystemChamferValues(ref length, ref angle);



                          double chamVal = Math.Sin(angle) * length * 1000;

                          decimal chamAngle = Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(angle * (180 / Math.PI)));



                          swRoundedVal = string.Format("{0:0.00}", chamVal);

                          swRoundedVal = swRoundedVal + " X " + Convert.ToString(chamAngle);