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Add in error message

Question asked by Jeff Anderson on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by Jeff Anderson


I created a C# add-in in visual studio 2013, targeting .NET 4.0.  I installed it using the Administration Tool. 

It was only supposed to run when clicking on a button on a file card.  For some reason, it also seems to be

running when I am using the search cards, specifically when press the green run button on the toolbar,

or when I press the Enter key in one of the search textboxes. 


The error message is as follows:

Call to method 'OnCmd' in add-in 'ImportSolidWorksPartsAndAssemblies', written by company 'xyz' failed.

Error code = 0x0800401FD (Object is not connected to server).


First I don't understand the error message and how to eliminate it, second I don't understand why my

add-in seems to be getting called from the search form when I never told it to.


Any help would be appreciated.