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    problem displaying surfaces

    Basam Rafou

      I have modeled a plastic cover as shown in the attached file. The plan is to make a prototype using FDM technology first then ejection molding for mass production. The part is symmetrical along vertical axis therefore I modeled half and used mirror body along right plane. The problem is that in the mirrored half showing problem in displaying some surfaces!!! I don’t know if this problem is only a display issue or it’s actually missing surfaces. When I export the solid part to a separate file as one solid body and use check command it does not show any missing surfaces. I tried delete faces in the problem area and use patch but not able to get the desire result.  The puzzling part the original half does not show a problem only the mirrored one. When I rolled back the features I can see that the problem is occurring after (deform 3) i also attempted to change some features but no successes

      I would appreciate any help or feed back to resolve this issue.

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          Jesse Robbers

          I can't view your SW file now, future version.


          Can you click on the invincible face(s) as if they are still there showing an outline of the face edges? If yes, your graphics card might be wigging out.


          Or does it select the face(s) through the part on the opposite side? If yes, the file or some feature(s) within the file are corrupt and need to done again. If the invincible face(s) are just created from a fillet and easy to do over again, roll back just prior to that fillet feature, create a new fillet feature that is identical, delete the "corrupt" fillet feature, and see if things change. Or might need to add that fillet feature after the mirror body feature.