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DriveWorksXpress drawing file name

Question asked by Radoslav Dimitrov on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by Adam Green

Recently I've been asking several questions about DriveWorksXpress as I'm new to it and it seems very useful, but a little unclear to me.

I've already managed to create a rule that changes my assembly and part filenames, which is great. The problem here now is that it doesn't change the drawing file names accordingly, it just adds the rule to the original slddrw filenames.

Example: I have an assembly that is called Table.sldasm and the respective drawing called Table.slddrw. I created a rule that changes the name of the assembly to R282.16.00.sldasm, but the drawing file in this case is Table R282.16.00.slddrw. This is not very convenient. Is there a way the slddrw filenames to be changed accordingly?