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thermal stress simulation

Question asked by Magnum So on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Shaun Densberger

hi, I have an assignment to simulate the thermal stress on a pipe by thermal expansion, the result is made as the attached picture, but I am doubted as the highest stress is over yield stress too much, I am afraid if I have made some mistake so I post it to make a discussion:


pipe size: outer=90mm, insde=80mm, length=500mm

material: AISI 304

study: static

fixed: two surfaces including the bottom and the stand are fixed by "Fixed Gemotry"

external loads: whole solid temperature=50 Celsius, reference temp at zero strain=20 Celsius

mesh: default mesh density

result: max.stress=359.0MPa, max displacement=2.397e-001mm


So, based on this result, the pipe should be first deformed on the stand, but in real life it seems that most steel pipe could be heated to a higher temperature without deformation, so I am not sure if all my simulation steps are right. Please help to correct it if possible, thank you.