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What monitor are you staring into?

Discussion created by Larry Kutcher on Jan 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2007 by David Stevens
I had asked the question on another thread about a monitor thatNick mentioned here...
For that price / size - I think that purchasing would buyme two!

*But What I'd like to ask everyone is "What monitor are youstaring into right now and do you like what you are seeing by wayof quality, performance and the price - price is important if (you)paid for it and not a company"...

*What are a few things about a monitor that you cannot live withoutwhen using SW?

*If size wasn't an issue, would you still have a CRT on yourdesk?

This is all because I'm in need of a new monitor at work and havebeen given the go ahead to buy. I'd like to hear what everyone elseis using - (likes and dislikes)...before saying this is the one Iwant.