Anne Yust

SolidWorks gurus & machinists wanted

Discussion created by Anne Yust on Feb 16, 2014

A colleague asked me to post this. He is looking for SolidWorks gurus to work for his financially strong company:




We're a well-funded, stealth-mode biotech startup building the world's first biological server farm.  Imagine an automated research facility that performs molecular and cellular biology experiments to scale.  Instead of going into a lab, scientists will go to a website.  They will design and run experiments like writing code.  This will vastly accelerate progress in developing cures for diseases and understanding of biological systems.


We are looking for truly extraordinarily talented engineers and machinists to join the early team and make a major contribution. Specifically, we are looking for 1) a mechanical engineer with a rare talent for 3D design and prototyping, and 2) a gifted, passionate machinist who would be excited about contributing to disruptive technological breakthroughs.


I am looking forward to talking with anyone who fits those descriptions, or who might know others who do.  Please send me an email at and I will reply promptly to schedule a time to talk.


Kent Kemmish