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How do you merge two stl files to make a single surface?

Question asked by Karen Swan on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by Anna Wood



I am wondering if someone out there might be able to help me....


I have two surfaces files (stl) that I would like to make a single file so it can be manufactured into a metal part using CNC. One of the surfaces was made in Solidworks but oriented in a different software and aligned to a surface file of a tooth. Now I want these stl files to become a single surface.


At the moment I have tried opening the files as an assembly and saving as a single part but when I open the part there is nothing there.


If anyone think they might be able to help that would be super as I have tried a number of different softwares and methods, and it has stumped me for some time now..


Best, Karen


P.s I have attached the files I would like to merge.