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SW not saving my appearance mapping

Question asked by T. Wry on Feb 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Steen Winther

im designing a ladder made out of wood so the grain direction is important.  ive chosen a species out of the appearance menu and applied it to the part.  i've adjusted the mapping so the texture is portrayed correctly on my part by selecting "projection", selecting the correct reference plane, and adjusting the angle at which the texture is projected onto the part.  all is good, the part looks correct and im happy with it so i save it.  if i close it and then reopen it the part reflects the right texture but the mapping adjustments ive done reverted back to default.  however, when i reopen the appearance tab to readjust the mapping all the changes restore to the correct (input by me) position.  this is super annoying and even goes as far as me mapping a part of an assembly and then when i try to map another part of the same assembly the first part reverts back to it's default mapping. ahhhhhh please help.  much appreciated. 


ps  - im viewing all the changes or defaulting through the photoview preview window