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    Model information

    Jeff Boor

      I would like to have a box come up each time we create a new part/drawing or do a save as on an existing part/drawing that prompts the user to input the fields shown in the picture I have attached.  How do I do that?  This is so the title block information is automatically filled out.

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          Denzil Searle

          In a part, click File - Properties and the Custom tab. You can choose from a number of properties like those from the drop down list in the Property Name, or create your own. Those fields can be automatically imported into a drawing. In the drawing, right click the background and "edit sheet format". Put a note in the form "$PRPSHEET:{propertyname}", where propertyname is the custom property from the part, typed exactly the same as it is in the part.


          When you drop the first view in the drawing it will fill in all the fields.

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            Josh Brady

            So... You want to force the user to fill out custom properties, right?  The only way to do this is with a macro or add-in that catches the save event and pops up the box.


            Take a look at http://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=252167