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How to make an internal thread by making a cutout in shape of external thread?

Question asked by Tarakan Tarakanich on Feb 14, 2014
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I am working with 3D printing.


I design parts that use a lot of adjustable elements and threads that will later be printed on a 3D printer.


I ran into a problem:


thread question3.JPG


I tried to use different tools to make a cutout on a part with outer threads by the use of a part with inner threads. (Nut "cuts out" threads on a bolt.)



Some of the tools are grayed out.

Why are some tools grayed out? What did I do wrong?


thread question2.JPG


I also want an offset because 3D printing is not that precise and I need to compensate for that.


What settings do I use to make a cut out of one shape on another shape with an offset?


Pretty much, I would like to move up a bolt to a part in an assembly, hit a button and get a matching cutout for a thread with an offset so bolt will go in freely. We don't use standard threads sometimes. In this specific part, an extension spring is going to be threaded on to a special thread to hold it in place.


What do indent "parameters" stand for? Should I use Indent?



Thank you.