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    Property Tab Builder

    Evan Dlugopolski

      Hey all,


      Wondering if there are any property tab building experts out there.  I set up a property tab for my drawings.  I have it set up so i can enter in things like drawing number, tolerances, rev, title, all the basic stuff that goes into a title block.  That works fine and well but i want to be able to do a little more with it.


      Does anyone know how or if you can make a check box show or not show a note linked to a property?  For some prints i need a certain note showing and for others i dont.


      Any other info or tips on property tab building is welcome





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          Jeremy Feist

          depending on how you want this note shown, maybe this will work for you. you would have the note always in the drawing, link to the custom property (called "special note text" in my example), and if the user checks the box, it applies the text to the property, otherwise the property is blank.



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              Evan Dlugopolski

              Hmm i thinik i could make this work thanks for the suggestion.  I have another one for you.........is there a way to have a check box in the property manager to go back and forth between document dims being 2 and 3 placed? 

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                Rolando Garza

                Can this tool be used to enter multi-line text?

                I know it is possible to make certain properties accept multi-line text through a simple paste operation.

                I can't seem to figure out how to do this in Property Tab Builder.

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                    Bernie Daraz

                    In order to enter multi-line text you need to create the text in notepad pressing Enter at the end of every line. Then copy and paste that text group into the property tab. Only one line will show unless you scroll with your arrow keys.


                    Sorry, that was the standard answer, I missed that you had that already. Maybe it will help someone else.

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                      Paul Cullen

                      Here are two ways that I get multi line text depending on what I want to do.


                      I have a title box in my drawing with a property linked to the property tab builder. If I type the drawing title into the property tab builder but the title is too long to fit in the title box on my sheet I need it to automatically return to the next line (the same as if you were typing in word) to do this when I created the note in my sheet format with the linked property I selected the bounding box around my note and I dragged this out until it was the full size of the area where I wanted the note to appear. Then I saved the sheet format now when I create a drawing with a long title it will return to the next line and not go outside the the bounding box area when I selected when creating the note.


                      If you want specific text to be on each line of a note I would create properties called "Note line 1" "Note line 2" etc then place a note in your drawing sheet with the first line of the note linked to the property "Note line 1" the second line linked to the property "Note line 2" and so on until you have the required number of lines. Then in the property tab builder fill out each line as you want them to appear.