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Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by Joe Kuzich

I am trying to figure out what the best procedure would be for handling BOMs on our production files.  The SW drawings of our production files serve double duty as both the shop drawings and installation drawings for our products.  So, if we are working on say a polycarbonate glazed canopy I would probably want a page that has a full BOM on it.  Then I would have a page that shows a framing plan and includes a copy of the portion of BOM that has the framing components for easy reference.  Then another with the base glazing edge channel, and another for glazing panels, another for cap glazing channels, etc.

Currently we create the BOM as complete as we can, then copy the full sheet which creates a copy of the BOM but its not linked to the 1st one.  Much of the info doeslink (we are trying to figure out the best things to include as meta-data in the parts) since its tied to a model/view but some stuff ends up being put in manually, like page numbers for other reference drawings.  Since some info gets added at later times they do not all update together, if we end up having to add a column or anything. 


Is there a way that I can create a like a master BOM that ties all copies back to that original master?  Also, is there a way to copy the BOM without having to copy the whole sheet?