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Dell Precision M4800 1800x3000 screen

Question asked by Alberto Bia on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by Ian Worrall



Solidworks 2014 SP2 does not support this tpe of displays.

The interfcace look difficut to use; I tried to change icon and text size as suggested in antother post, but this barely improves the experience.

Also menu and function screen are difficult to use because text is cut. Solidworks exploer widget is unusable and other dialog windows look horrble.


The only way to achieve a usable interface is to switch the resolution of the screen at 1080x1920, but this makes the whole screen a bit blurry and, frankly, it is a pity to buy a so fine screen and use it a lower res.


In my opinion the interface must be competely re-scaled for this hi DPI screen since there are too much things to fix: I hope theat a next service pack will address this issue, because such type of screens are becamig popular.


I do not add screenshots because you have simply to try to use your program with this screen.


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