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Print useing PDM task to convert to PDF format by useing PDF virtual printer

Question asked by Ivan Adamov on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Larry Blakely

Hi everyone,


I have one question regarding PDM print task.

I want to do printing from PDM using Print task(makro), but I don't want to print it on paper but PDF file using virtual PDF printer. Problem is when I select multiple drawing in PDM and put them to print via ie. PDF Creator virtual printer, after task execution pdf creator ask me where to save file and by what file name.




  1. I don’t want to virtual printer ask me where to save file after task is finished. It should be able to set default location in system options of virtual printer.
  2. Virtual printer should take file name of SolidWorks drawing when saving file.


          Does anyone know how to solve this?


          NOTE: This is not PDM macro that convert files to PDF! I'm talking about printing via virtual printer.