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Please help with install with adminstrative image.

Question asked by Khalan Wheeler on Feb 15, 2014

hopefully someone here can help, im ready to start breaking things.


Im a student at a local community college. Im trying to install solidworks 2013-14 but i am having problem after problem. First off, after waiting 10 hours to download files, the IM wouldn't allow me to select individual user and forced me to download an administrative image, which wouldnt download correctly. i finally got an installation dvd, from which i was able to create an adminstrative image. now when i try to install the products on my computer and first i had to change security setting in IE and try to install multiple times before it recognized the settings were changed. finally get the IM rolling again and when it comes to the bonjour portion(which is already installed on my computer) it says something to the effect of windows installer didnt launch as expected. Go figure. I dont know what to do. I am at my wits end. The instructor has no solution, there isnt any goddamned support through solidworks to be had so i beg someone here to help me out. This machine is a 32-bit windows .


Please help and thanks.