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BOM Item number on part drawings

Question asked by Rainer Bisky on Feb 14, 2014



I could not find a proper answer to my problem in the web / forum, I hope you can help me.

I work with the Solidworks based BOM-list in the assembly and the assembly drawings. The Item Numbers are automatticly assigned to the parts.

On the assembly drawing I am using the Bom-list and the auto balloons to mark the parts.

But when it comes to the part drawings i run into a problem.


In my company we are using Drawing Numbers and Part Numbers to identify the parts.


It looks like this: 12345.678

12345 is the Drawing Number and 678 the Part.


I need these numbers on all drawings. At the moment i have solved this with part properties.

I assign the drawing Number "12345" to all parts that are included in the assembly and the "678" part number individually to every part i need a drawing for.


The Part Number is the same as the Item number in my BOM list.


But this way i have two Problems.

-I have to change the part property for the Part number when i change the order of my bom list.

-The process of changing the part Number can be time consuming and is prone to errors.


I have the same problem with piece numbers. Solidworks can automatically count the items for the BOM list, but until now i could find no solution to show this number on the drawing of the related part.


Is there a feature / Macro or anything else i can do to automate this process, or is it possible to link the textfield for the part number or piece numer directly to the values of the bom list?