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syntactic Foam simulation Model

Question asked by Pk M on Feb 13, 2014
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I would like to perform static study to analyze effects of hydrostatic pressure on sandwiched composite material made out of syntactic foam & fibre glass (GFRP). For that I created a simulation model of assembly file comprising of two parts - inner core part (syntactic foam) and 0.125 in thick outer skin (Fiber glass).

My question is -  when I right click on part -> define shells by selected faces, I get 3 options - thick wall, thin wall shells & composites.

I am not sure which one to select and not sure if are there any specific settings to properly define these composite materials to obtain better results.Also, I am not sure if I have to model outer skin as surface and give thickness in shell definition. Please take a look at attached screenshot of the model.

I would greatly appreciate if somebody could help me on this.





Solidworks 2012

Simulation Premium,

Win 7 X64.