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    Unresolved boundary condition: Water Tunnel Contraction

    Libin Daniel



      I am designing a contraction for a water tunnel. I have attached the model in the post.

      I am running into the error: unresolved boundary condition at inlet flow boundary condition. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

      I have meshed half the contraction and have assumed symmetry in x-axis for the other half. Is that ok?

      My initial conditions are set to zero. Is that ok?

      Sorry, I am fairly new to this. The tutorials and online help has got me this far, but now I am stuck.

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          Jared Conway

          several issues

          1. start a bit simpler, merge all your bodies together, don't worry about the lids being separate

          2. i think you're trying to apply pressure and volume flow rate on the same face, this isn't possible, lots of good posts about this. pressure pressure or volume/velocity and pressure are your options for inlet/outlet combos.

          3. you have faces that aren't in the comp domain selected for your volume flow rate which is why you're getting the unresolved bc. (you have faces that aren't in the flow stream selected.

          4. if you really have real walls, don't forget to select the radiused faces