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    Gap wont close??

    Brent Trotter

      Hi all,


      I have a frustrating problem.


      I have a gap that just won't close.


      Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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          Edward Eaton

          1.  When you post a file, please let the group know what version it is in.  I opened the file in 2013, fixed it right quick, but then got told I was going to be saving in a new version.  If I had only known to open it in 2012  or earlier I would be able to share the file with you.  Sorry, but it is late and I don't want to do the work again.

          2. In surface Loft 4, you convert perfectly good edges into 3D sketches to use as guide curves.  Edges and converted sketches are different things - edges are from parasolid, sketch elements are from a completely different math package (d-cubed I think?) that can introduce slight round-off errors. It would be great if they were precisely the same, but they are not!  When I edited Loft 4 to ditch your 3D sketches and use the already existing edges as the guide curves everything knitted just fine.
          Every solidworks file is a house of cards.  Eliminate all the cards that are not necessary to the design and you will have a more stable house.

          3.  I know there is an intellectual bias to use as few features as possible.  The flip side of my "house of cards" argument is that from a practical perspective, I do not want to "go to Vegas" and hope that all my surfaces knit at the end of a lot of work.  I always knit after  new-or-"a few" surfaces are created.  Feature statistics will generally show there is little impact on rebuild time to knitting as you go, and if something "you hope will knit" doesn't work you won't have to spend a lot of time degugging where the problem is.  Your feature properties show that this work was done over three days... that is a long time to work without knowing if your endgame is going to pan out.


          Best of luck Brent!

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            Tom dunn

            Brent, I am using 2013 so not sure if this will help you or not. I did attach a file as a parasolid so you have that also. Maybe you can run it through feature recongnition to get the features.

            The the other gentleman said, surfaces work best when using surface edges to work from. When you take an edge and convert to a line sometimes things don't work right.

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              Jerry Steiger



              Just piling on here. Listen to Ed. He knows whereof he speaks.


              Jerry S.

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                Brent Trotter

                Thanks Edward! This worked great!


                1. Sorry for not stating the version. I will do it from now on.

                2. I am self taught at SW so it is good to know that edges will work better than 3D sketches. (until your post I didn't even think to use the dges directly.)

                3. I'll try your ongoing knit tests. Seems like a very logical way of working.


                Cheers, Brent.