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Old computers and Edrawings

Question asked by Chris Wurtele on Feb 13, 2014
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Question: We design and build plastic injection molds, We are a smaller business and we tend to move our old engineering computers to the manufacturing floor for our toolmakers to view files and program machines. We use E Drawings on our floor for the shop to view files and tool detail. Most of our older computers do not run windows 7 and/or 64 bit opperating systems.


We finally updated to SW2014 and edrawings 2013 will not open a SW2014 file. We also can not update to Edrawings 2014 because of the older OS computers in our shop.


Does anyone have a free viewer that they use to view either native SolidWorks, IGES, or STEP files. Does anyone have a suggestion or solution other that spending money on new computers?


Thank you in advance for your time and answers.