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Creating a pattern to fill an area in a sketch

Question asked by Mike Simonetta on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by Mike Simonetta

I have a sketch of rectangular shaped object that I export to DXF in order to cut the design into fabric for the sewing team at my company.


I would like to create a "pattern" of line entities that have a constant 4" distance between them starting from the bottom of the rectangular shape all the way to the top. I achieved this somewhat by using the Linear Pattern tool but when I scale the shape and add to it's height I would like the pattern to auto adjust and add any other needed line entities to fill the area from bottom to top and of course still retaining the 4" constant distance between themselves. Right now, using the Linear Pattern I see that you only have the option to set the number of instances and I would like to make the instance count dynamic based on the height of the rectangular shape. If I am unclear as to what I am looking for please let me know.


Any guidance would be appreciated - thank you.