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    Macro won't look at configuration specific parts

    Joshua Temple

      I could really use your help here. I am not a programmer by any means and was put on a team whose primary purpose is determining the mass properties of released drawings/models. To do that, I took up the reigns of finessing the macro they had started on before I got here. 


      It's come a long way and does quite a bit, but recently we've been receiving models from another team that rather than saving configurations as new part numbers, just leaves them as a configuration. The macro, as it turns out, will not distinguish between the configurations and simply pulls the mass properties of the configuration that part was last saved in. 


      I've been fighting with this for two weeks now and I have been unable to get the macro to do what I need it to.  I know it is my lack of knowledge that is the primary issue so I am asking for help.  I've been searching through the help files, API help database, and the forum here. 


      If anyone can provide insight, I would really appreciate it.  At the bottom of the code you will see a function that I /thought/ would tell the macro to look at the cofigurations, but it isn't working. 


      Your help is greatly appreciated.