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    Inconsistant Result

    Mike Orthner
      Hello Everyone,

      Ok here is some more detail on my previous post which didn't attach the file properly. I am applying the same load to 4 individual thin membranes that are all the same material. It actually doesn't matter what material it is I always see the same thing. One of the membranes has a displacement that is not the same as the others. It seems to be mirrored in the XY plane which is an incorrect result. The other membranes do show what would be expected. Any Ideas how to resolve this inconstancy. Open the Basic assembly then go to the cosmos tab and open the displacement figure you will see what I am talking about.

      Mike Orthner:
        • Inconsistant Result
          Richard Larder
          I expect that the aspect ratio of your elements is too high,although you might expect that the aspect ratio is the same for allfour membranes.  My suggestion is to perform a mixed meshsolution and use shell elements for the membrane.  I tried itand it seemed to give more consistent results among the fourmembranes however it may require large deformation solution.