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    setting up revisions in EPDM


      morning all

      i am in the process of learning all about the wonderful world of EPDM, we have a drafting office in india who already use EPDM so everthing is based there and there will be a vault local to us and a replication of this vault in india.

      at the present time we are having problems setting up automatic updates of the revision table within EPDM,


      example :- the drawing travels through the workflow and becomes approved, we now need to make changes to the drawing, so we have to up the revision to 1, however when this happens and the drawing goes back through the workflow and the new signatures are added for the revision they are overwriting the revision 0 signatures, which obviously we do not want, the workflow was put together by our team in india.


      the only way i can see around this is to add the extra states/transitions for the revisions to the workflow, this way once a drawing is approved at rev 0, the next state available is revision 1 and so-on and so-on.


      how have you experts got around this problem, i can only assume it is a relatively easy fix as we can not be the only company who wants to have an automatic revision table.


      thanks in advance for your time and help.


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          Jim Sculley

          Rolling revisions.  You show a fixed number of revisions on the drawing, with the oldest one rolling off the table when the table gets full.  If you need to see earlier revisions, you use the file history and 'Get Version'.


          See this article that explains rolling revisions:




          Jim S.

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              ANDREW MASSEY

              thanks for your reply Jim, but I may not have been clear in my original post, all our solidworks drawings for the last 6 years have all used the built in revision table in solidworks, my understanding of the above link is that this is a solution we were looking for, but our team in India have mentioned that this is for a general table and not the default revision table.

              i have been in touch with our local technical support and they advise it can be done but through API programming, so at present we are getting mixed messages.

              As all legacy drawings carry the revision table it would be a lot of work to change over to a general table and we also lose the use of the automated revision triangles to populate any changes.


              if anyone has an API program that they have used on the default revision table, is there any chance of a copy??


              if anyone else has any suggestions on how this can be done i am all ears, or are we completely mis-understanding the above link??


              thanks in advance for all assistance.


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                  Brian McEwen

                  I think you are right that you can't use the default SolidWorks revision table with this method.


                  I mainly wanted reference this post if you have not seen it: Re: EPDM Revision Table Description


                  But I'd also suggest thinking about if it is really worth it to have EPDM control the rev table (depends what you need searchable, if you have the time or money to automate it, and how much time it saves).


                  By the way...

                  """i can only assume it is a relatively easy fix as we can not be the only company who wants to have an automatic revision table."""

                  LOL on the easy fix. I have had the same kind of thought about many aspects of EPDM... Sometimes it is true and sometimes not.