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setting up revisions in EPDM

Question asked by ANDREW MASSEY on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Brian McEwen

morning all

i am in the process of learning all about the wonderful world of EPDM, we have a drafting office in india who already use EPDM so everthing is based there and there will be a vault local to us and a replication of this vault in india.

at the present time we are having problems setting up automatic updates of the revision table within EPDM,


example :- the drawing travels through the workflow and becomes approved, we now need to make changes to the drawing, so we have to up the revision to 1, however when this happens and the drawing goes back through the workflow and the new signatures are added for the revision they are overwriting the revision 0 signatures, which obviously we do not want, the workflow was put together by our team in india.


the only way i can see around this is to add the extra states/transitions for the revisions to the workflow, this way once a drawing is approved at rev 0, the next state available is revision 1 and so-on and so-on.


how have you experts got around this problem, i can only assume it is a relatively easy fix as we can not be the only company who wants to have an automatic revision table.


thanks in advance for your time and help.