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    Concentric Mate Problem

    Karlos James



      I am having a problem with a concentric mate, it should work but it doesn't and after looking at it and re-mating the model I still cannot find out why it wont let me! maybe someone will have an idea, I have attached the file for those who like to have the model to look at I have also attached an image of the part in question.


      any help would be greatly appreciated


      many thanks

        • Re: Concentric Mate Problem
          Jeff Mirisola

          From what I was able to see, you have a .00001127° discrepancy somewhere. If you remove the mates between LA31 Top 400 and 'PART2', you can get the linkage to mate as expected. If you try to apply a concetric mate between those two parts, after mating the linkage, it won't go. If you measure between the top plane of 'PART2' and 'LA31 Top 400', you'll see the  discrepancy. I didn't go any further than that, but that should get you closer.