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    Best way to create master model ??

    Yogesh Hadia

      Dear All,


      I want to create master model for trucks having so many variances  and I want to know which is best way to manage and edit variances in future for eg skeleton modelling or might be just configuration with top down approaches. ??


      Would be very greatfull to hear related to this.




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          Mark Biasotti

          Hi Yogesh,

          There is lots of information on this topic if you search this forum and also the SolidWorks World on-line presentations.. A good place to start is by going to the SW help tutorial ( that comes with your version of SW) go to Help>tutorials>advanced molded product design and look for the tutorial that is a simple computer mouse design. Do the tutorial and it will explain the 3 different ways (insert part, split part and save bodies) in which you can do the master model technique in SW.

          My favorite approach is to create a multimodal master model and then use Save Bodies command.





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              Yogesh Hadia

              Hi Mark,


              Thanks for your reply.


              I would elaborate more on my query. Actually i have been working with truck model from years but in my previous company I use to work only with truck models which was having vairance only in lenght and that we use to manage with configurations. but in my current truck company. each truck is customised according to client requirement..so it can vary with length, width, no of cross members, section of cross members, different section of supporing members, no of axles, no of tyres. kind of roof. Now I was wondering is it possible to create one master model and keep it as a reference...and then every time i get request for a new truck i can use that mastermodel to retrive my 80% of work and start from there to complete the truck model according to customer requirement.


              I was thinking probably i can make one 3D sketch and change the dimensions every time as the requirement.


              Let me know if I can achieve this in some more efficient way.




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              Roland Schwarz

              I do all my master modelling with sketches.  SW has not yet evolved to allow surfaces or solids at the assembly level, and I don't like carrying extra part files just to define geometry.


              I make master sketches at the top level, and dependent components copy those master sketches and then build from there.  This has proven to be a very robust construct that does not fall apart when unforseen changes happen.  It is much simpler to reconnect sketches that have lost their references than to fix face and edge references that are lost.


              Also, my master design layout is not used for anything but design context.  The final product could be one or more assemblies built from components defined in the master layout, but design context is not contained within the product assemblies.  For instance, I when I design a dispenser, the dispenser, mount kits, and refills are all designed in the master layout, but the individual assemblies (dispenser, refill, mount kits) are pieced together from the parts defined in the master layout.

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                Ian Worrall

                Sounds like a job for Driveworks?

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                  Navjot Singh

                  Hi yogesh


                  Best way for createing the master model.

                  contact your offshore team.

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                    Tim Glavin



                    Combinatorial complexity is one of the serious limitations of master modeling. Good technique will only get you a little farther than bad technique. Additionally, top-down design using a configurator has additional complexity with it's in-context references.


                    The configurators mentioned build on master models. If you hit the wall on complexity using master modeling, a master model-based configurator won't save you.


                    The only good solution is a third party tool that does generative configuration (i.e. it has rules for adding and orienting features to parts and parts or assemblies to assemblies). Unlike for master modeling whose complexity grows exponentially, a generative configurator's complexity grows linearly.


                    To do generative configuration, the product needs a language and engineering model separate from the SolidWorks geometry model. At least one additional benefit of an engineering model is that it can support modeling abstractions far beyond what any CAD model supports.


                    Of the third party configurators with a SolidWorks addin, all are master model-based except one: Genus Designer. It might be worth your time to check it out.


                    In addition to automating configuration (which is detailing), Genus Designer is also unique in that it automates design (exploring a space of design alternative, eliminating in valid designs and rank ordering valid ones).




                    - Tim