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    Unusually slow hardware during flow simulation

    David Swartzendruber



      I am trying to track down why my hardware is running so slow when solving a flow simulation. I am currently working with my reseller on the problem, but I wanted to check if anyone here could help.


      I ran a flow simulation benchmark and got 3646 seconds compared to the reseller's 2.8GHz laptop at 368seconds - a 10X difference! I have tried turnning hyperthreading off, but that doubles the run time. When I run the usual SW bench mark, my times are slightly better than average for my workstation, so I don't know what the problem could be - any ideas?


      Here is my information:


      Lenovo Think Station S30

      Windows 7, Service Pack 1

      Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 0 @3.20GHz, 6 core with hyperthreading for “12 cores”

      32GB RAM

      64 Bit

      Nvidia K2000 Graphics Card

      240GB Intel SSD


      Solidworks 2014, 64 bit, Service Pack 2.0



      From the SW benchmark running 2013 SP5.0, 64-bit

      Graphics: 18.6 Sec

      Processor: 35.5 Sec

      I/O: 23.3 Sec

      Overall: 77.4 Sec


      Rendering: 21.3 Sec

      Realview Graphics: 35.3 Sec