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Can there be 'configurations' in a drawing?

Question asked by Jon Lefaive on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by Jon Lefaive

Hello.  I am using SW 2012 and I have a master assembly file with many different configurations.  Some of the configurations changes within the assembly are driven by configuration changes within a part.  Other configuration changes are due to the addition/supression of parts and smaller sub-assemblies.  I would like to have one master drawing file for this assembly but I'm not sure if it's possible to accomplish this the way I'd like to.  For discussion sake, let's say there are 40 configurations in the assembly and in my drawing file I have 50 sheets worth of detailed drawings, notes, BOM, etc.  I would like to link the drawing to the various configurations in such as way so as to only show the required sheets that are needed.  i.e. I may only have 10 sheets showing for half of the configurations, others may take 35 of the 50 sheets, and others may require the full 50. If this were to successfully work, then someone without SW could open the drawing with edrawings, select the configuration of the drawing that they wanted, and print the required sheets to build/assemble a job.  This would enable me to open one assembly file and make any changes that may come up some time in the future, then open one drawing and edit the effected sheet(s) one time and be done.  The way it is now, I have to open 40 different prints for the 40 different configurations and one small change can mean a lot of drawing maintenance.  Someone must have come across this before, right?  


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