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Who can Create a Shovel?? /Trowel with a Hollow Grip [what Do you prefer to use >>Surface Modeling Or >>Revolve (Shelling)

Question asked by Cadster Tigweld on Feb 11, 2014
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Hi Guys


What is the Right Approach to Model this >>>?

Can Someone Show me how make a Trowel in Solidworks? 6" Long(Scoop)+(5.5"(Grip) & 1.5" Deep

Thank You



But What i Really Want is a Trowel ( Small Garden Shovel) that needs a handle that can accept an insert.

I tried Various Approaches which are attached to this Page , but Not getting what i Really Want

I know its not too difficult to do but somehow i cant get it right


Here are a few Designs that we came up with


The Grip is actually a Hollow- Circular Sleeve for a Rod that is 10" long and has a radius of 1.5 on one end and a 1" radius on the other end.. The Rod Slides into the Scoop and the cap screws on.


I tried to model it with surface modeling but failed


Please look at the Solidworks Part that is attached Various Approaches are adapted

Here -- Like a REVOLVE and DRAFT  to do this part

I need to Remove the excess "meat" ( Excess Meat is the material between the Lofted Handel and the Outer Existing Face of the Revolve --The Shoveling Part/Shaft Edge)

I tried Shelling But it removes all the material including the Insert all the way to the bottom of the Trowel



Please Help Thanks In Advance

Please Reveiw Attachments Especially File Called  "Good A"


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