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break realations in a sketch that is created by using CONVERT ENTITIES

Question asked by Todd McCollum on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Todd McCollum

I used convert entities to obtain a sketch on another plane.  I selected all of the entities and it all worked well.  Here is the problem.  I now need to modify the sketch into a slightly different shape and size but it is fully defined even though I have not defined any relations at all.  This makes me believe that it is fully parametric and driven by any changes to the original sketch.   I need to break this parametric relation for all entities in this new sketch.  How does one do this.  It seems dirt simple but cant figure it out.  I have to do this 7 times and it is kicking my butt.  I tried it another way by Ctrl-C (copy) on the original sketch and Ctrl-V (paste) which worked fairly well however it is a lot of work to get it moved into the new location.


Any input would be appreciated.  Again the main question is how to break this relation.