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Writing a Report that pulls Project Number and Description

Question asked by Andrew Whiting on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by Joy Garon



I need to run a report that pulls all the Project Numbers and their Description out of our vault. I have not been able to write a query that has actually worked since I'm so new with this stuff. I've copied the code I've written in below.



§Name [All currently defined Projects]


§Company [SolidWorks]



[This query will list all Project numbers and their description.]


§Version [1.1]








SELECT P.Name as 'Project Name', W.Description as 'Project Description', P.Name as 'Project Number'

FROM Projects P, Projects P

WHERE W.InitialTransitionID = T.TransitionID And

      W.WorkflowID != 1                                  /* Only include real WF  */




/*******************                        ********************/


Can anyone help me out?


Thanks, Andrew