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*stupid* support team

Question asked by Peter Gervai on Feb 11, 2014

Okay, right, this is not nice. But I'm so annyed now that it's okay. Maybe you wanted to know, since it's you who actually _work_ with the program, I just used it as a glorious dxf converter.


So, there is a problem rendering DraftSight completely useless in specific environments, and there was a thread about it (there ). I spent the better half of an hour to debug it and found the bug, a workaround and posted it. But I thought, "hey, lots of people use the program, wouldn't it be nice to get the bug fixed?"


So I tried to make a bugreport, which required at least another 30 minutes in registering lots of stupid pages, wandering through several links, etc. Finally I have found the report, and I have phrased a short message (since user support is usually too busy to read long email) about the problem and the fix. The report contained a link to the forum thread which obviously showed that I use LInux, that reinstall won't heal it and why.


Then I got a reply. Okay, possibly Dassault Systems is a _huge_ company so they do not need suport personnel but lots of monkeys who can insert templates into replies without reading the report. The reply told me to windows this and windows that and resintall this and that, and closed the ticket. Closed so well that even replies cannot be added.


So here you are, my reply. In public. And no matter how extremely stupid they are I still probably help OTHERS to fix THEIR problems. Not you, dassault, obviously.


Dear Support.


Oh-kay. Please let me SUMMARIZE our conversation for you.


1) Either you completely ignored what I wrote or you're completely

oblivious about the existence of Linux. Both assumption is really

negative about you.


2) Possibly you chose to ignore that I wrote that reinstallation and

starting userdir from scratch will RECREATE the problem, not FIX it.


3) You failed to realise that I told you EXACTLY what the problem was.

Your reaction makes it obvious that you haven't got the faintest idea

what causes the problem and you try to resolve it by reinstalling.

This is stupid, a monkey could do it (maybe in fact that's the case),

mind you.


4) You didn't even realise that I tried to help you which you have

completely ignored. I don't really use draftsight, so it was just plain

kindness. Or, as turned out, waste of time.


5) I am no paying customer, and I don't hate you. Don't worry. Not

fixing bugs is just okay. The market is full of ignorant companies

creating crappy programs. There is  place for you, too.


6) I am a bit disappointed that I have wasted at least 20 minutes of

my life trying to help someone who isn't worthy.


Have a nice day.