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Question asked by James Pare on Feb 11, 2014
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My thougths after returning from another SolidWorks World


I am very proud to be a part of such a strong CAD community,


I know I get to work everyday with state of the art software that continually gets better


Of course, with every advancement, we find issues or bugs that occur, & it's people like me that try very hard to get things fixed ASAP


I know for a fact that SWX has a great team of developers working on fixes & advancements, I do my best to seek them out & push tem for developments



But we are lucky to also have a great reseller that puts up with alot of my requests


I must credit Javelin in Oakville Ontario, I know they can't do everything I ask, but I know they are trying. They are very organized well planned group



I am lucky to have a SWUG (EMSWUG) close by across the border that we can attend, It's been very useful or always worth the trip


AS for SWX world, It's always a highlight of my year to attend such an event, If you haven't been to one yet, it's a must go!